In 1994 a gifted chef named MK Washko was asked if she could cater a photo shoot. Having no idea what that entailed, she said yes. From the closet size kitchen of her Soho studio, she pulled it off masterfully. And Better Being Catering was born.


Executive Chef MK Washko circa 1994

It wasn’t long before MK was the go-to chef for high end photographers and savvy producers tired of run of the mill catering. Fast forward 16 years, in a renovated basement kitchen in the West Village, her partner, now wife, Shari Drewett, created a tiny take-out shop, Better Being Underground, serving a market driven lunch for 3 hours a day. Soon they were fighting for space (the entities, not MK and Shari) and the only logical step was to move the catering commissary to Hell’s Kitchen. The space was large enough to duplicate Underground’s formula WITH seating. And here they are @ 9th and 40th (hence the name) excited to be serving a market-driven, daily changing, hot, delicious breakfast, & lunch Mon-Fri 9am-6:00pm.

One thought on “About

  1. OK! A couple of thoughts. I always worry about small businesses and so I thought I would tell you some of my thoughts. I couldn’t figure out why your restaurant was called 940 since the addresses around you were in the 500’s (of 9th Avenue). So it may not be apparent to other people. So somewhere on your window I would put (in big letters) that you call it “940” so that everyone could remember it was at 9th Avenue and 40th Street so that when people walk by they reailze the neumonic (spelling?) – otherwise it i just a hard number to remember.

    (I remembr for the longest the restaurant called 44 SouthWest (or something like that — on 9th avenue in the 40’s) — me (and I assume other epople) thought they served South West type foods. Finally they told me it was b/c it was on the South West corner of 40th (or whatever the 4__ Street was.) Turns out it is an ITALIAN restaurant so they finally put up an awning saying that.

    Also, if you google: better being 9th avenue, your site does not come up (I’m not sure why).

    Anyway – good luck. I wish you could figure out a way to cross-advertise with the Cupcake Cafe at 40th Street.

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