Nothing says holidays like

Today’s Menu

Radical Roll: Lobster w/Spicey Butter, Toasted Potato Bun 16.99radical-rollThe China Royale: Free Range Chicken, Celery, Gravy, Crispy Wonton, Sesame Brioche & GRAVY! 10.99china royale
Quail Egg Cobb w/Romaine, Murray’s Chicken, Bacon, Celery, Cauliflower & Tomato Blue Cheese Dressing 12.99quail eggwe deliver: 212-255-9155blueprintGrilled Chicken Paillard w/Arugula Salad 13.50paillardChili Pepper Quinoa w/Asparagus, Dried Cranberries & Golden Raisins 6.99post-28663-Kid-boy-dances-NFL-cheerleader-ESjCHandcut Fruit 4.99
Seven Grain Avocado Toast w/Side Salad 9.99AVOCADOOrganic Quinoa w/Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Shallots & Cider Vinaigrette 6.99Buddhist monks chant at Pongour Falls, the largest waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam.
Marinated Golden Baby Beets 5.99fifthelementgifGreen Chile Mac & Cheese 3.99/6.99mac cheeseSoups
Roasted Corn Curry 3.99/5.99summer-sunflowers
Chicken w/Polenta & Roasted Shallot Dumplings 4.99/6.99200
Sustainable Salmon, Asian Greens, Shiitake, Edamame, Pickled Ginger Vin14.50salmonMarinated Kale,Brussels Sprouts, Squash, Walnuts,Shallot Vin 10.99kale salad
Vegetarian Cobb w/ Egg, Croutons, Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Dressing 9.99tumblr_mxihcbmmfo1rgff3fo1_500
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Spinach, Garlic Roasted Tomatoes, Parm 12.99
Kale Caesar,Grated Egg, Parm, Crisp Croutons & Caesar Dressing 
9.99kale caesarSandwiches
(includes bag of Joe chips)
The Radical Roll:Lobster w/Spicey Butter, Toasted Potato Bun 16.99crying-woman
The Eporch: 12 Hr Braised Pulled Pork w/Better Being BBQ Sauce, Cranberry Jalepeno Relish on Brioche Bun 10.99eporchThe Highline: Grilled Chicken,Bacon Jam,Arugula on Rosemary Focaccia 10.99homepage_nightThe St Luke: Fried Chicken, Pickles, and Brioche Bun w/ Chipotle or Rosemary Horseradish Mayo 9.99st. lukeCarmelita: Crispy Eggplant, Tomatoes, Basil Mayo, Mozzarella, Bianca Bread 9.99carmelitaThe Nuyorican: Sofrito Chicken,Sweet Plantains, Peppercorn Mayo, Avo 9.99nuyorican The Squashbuckler: Butternut Squash, Manchego, Pickled Red Onions, Sautéed Kale, Chipotle Mayo On Pressed Sourdough 10.99squashbucklerThe Jerk Fish: Jerk Grilled Tilapia, Pepperonata, Watercress, Jerk Habanero Mayo in a Flour Tortilla 10.99swedish-fishThe Greenburger: Herbed Turkey Burger, Grilled Tomatillo, Crispy Leeks & Sweet Potato Shoestrings, Basil Mayo on a Toasted English Muffin 10.99greenburgerThe West Winger: Herb Roasted Turkey, Fig Jam, Cress, Blue Cheese, Pressed Grandaisy Bianca Bread 10.50west-winger
The Jive Turkey: Turkey Wrap, Cornbread Stuffing, Cranberry Jalapeno Sauce, Butternut Squash Puree 10.50dr-seuss
The Caulibaba: Roasted Cauliflower, Lebanese Spice Tahini, Radishes, Red Cabbage, Parsley in Lebanese Pita 9.99cauliflowerThe Slumdog Millionaire: Tandoori Chicken, Spinach,Curry Mayo,Naan 9.99slumdogSweets & Treats
Chocolate Crinkle 3.99chocolate crinkleRoasted Pear Shortbread 3.50anigif_enhanced-buzz-18253-1344611008-1Chocolate Chunk Cookie 3.99gluten free chocolate cranberry cookieChocolate Truffle Cookie (Gluten Free) 3.99chocolate truffle gluten freeBanana Bread Pudding 3.50tumblr_mwafzhFX8E1rvn6njo1_500Banana Cake w/Brown Butter Frosting 3.75banana cake @eatunderground



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