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The 940 Club: Chimmichurri Chicken BLT, Avo, Mayo, Baguette 10.99940 clubwe deliver 212-858-9448Mexican_coke_1Todays Menu
Watermelon Mint Lemonade 4.75watermelonCabbage & Apple Coleslaw w/Currants & Poppy Seeds 4.99473135168_4b3f9a0dd5Organic Quinoa w/Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Shallots & Cider Vin 6.99quinoaHand Cut Fruit 4.99fruitGreen Chile Mac & Cheese 3.99/6.99green mac and cheese adSeven Grain Avocado Toast w/Side Salad 9.99AVOCADOGrilled Chicken Paillard w/Arugula Salad 13.50paillardCous Cous, Artichokes, Fennel, Onions, Sun Dried Tomatoes,Olives 6.50
Baked Farfalle w/Roasted Vegetable & Feta 5.99farfalleSoup
Roasted Tomato, Fennel &Eggplant Soup w/Parmesan Crostini 3.99/5.99tomato-eggplantMoroccan Red Lentil w/Mint Soup 3.99/5.99lentilSalad
Marinated Kale,Brussels Sprouts,Squash,Walnuts,Shallot Vin 10.99kale-salad-2jpgGrilled Salmon,Greens,Edamame,Cabbage,Shiitakes,Pickled Ginger Vin14.50salmonChicken, Pear,Spinach, Dried Cranberry, Ricotta Salata,Cranberry Vin 10.99pearFrench Lentil Salad,Grape Tomatoes, Parm, Arugula, Balsamic Vin 9.99lentilGreek Veggie,Chick Peas,Tomatoes,Feta,Olives,Mint Yogurt Dressing 9.99greek saladSandwiches
(includes bag of Joe chips)
The Nuyorican: Sofrito Chicken Wrap,Plantain,Peppercorn Mayo,Avo 9.99nuyoricanThe St Luke: Buttermilk Battered Fried Chicken, Pickles, Brioche Bun,Chipotle OR Rosemary Horseradish Mayo 9.99st. lukeThe Squashbuckler:Squash,Manchego,Red Onion,Kale,Chipotle Mayo10.99squashbucklerThe Jive Turkey: Roasted Turkey Wrap, Sage Cornbread Stuffing, Cranberry Jalapeño Sauce, Butternut Squash Puree 10.50jive-turkeyThe Caulibaba: Cauliflower, Tahini, Radishes, Cabbage in Lebanese Pita 9.99cauliflowerHomer’s Odyssey: Garlic Chicken, Feta, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Romaine, Tzatziki Sauce on a Flatbread 9.99homers-odyssey-2The Za’atar: Morrocan BBQ Chicken,  Lebneh, Radishes on a Flatbread 9.99zaatarThe Waseggy: Wasabi Egg Salad on Toasted Sesame Brioche Bun 9.99waseggySweets & Treat
Vanilla Cake w/Chocolate Frosting 3.50yellow cakeCoconut Cake w/Whipped Vanilla Icing 3.50coconut cakeBrown Butter Brownies w/Walnuts 3.50chipotle brownieCrinkle Cookies 3.50chocolate crinkleFlourless Chocolate Cake w/Confectioners Sugar 3.50

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