labor day friday! (closed monday)



now serving from 5:30-9:30pm

fried squash blossoms stuffed w/herbed stracciatella 12
caesar devilled eggs 9
sauteed bok choy 8headchilled corn soup w/avocado & crab 10chilled corn soup 1trio of sliders: turkey, chicken & egg and sirloin mini burgers w/ salad 14sliderswild black bass & shrimp fume w/ crispy focaccia crouton 11fumeheirloom tomato flatbread w/mozz & basil 13 also a gluten free option!tomato breadgrilled sofrito shrimp w/white beans 12/17shrimp1940 fries w/feta, jalapeno fresh herbs 6friesbaby beet salad w/chevre, endive & toasted walnuts 12beet saladmarinated kale salad w/brussels sprouts & butternut squash 14kale-salad-2jpgArugula & Watermelon, Heirloom Tomatoes, Feta & Balsamic Vin 10.50watermeloncreamy mash potatoes 6mashed-potatoes
The Radical Roll:Lobster,Spicey Butter,Potato Hot Dog Bun 16.99radical lobster
grilled wild black sea bass w/crispy prosciutto & sauteed cauliflower 24black bassfrench cut chicken breast au jus w/asparagus 18chickensteak frites w/ salad 19steakgrilled sustainable salmon salad w/edamame & fried shiitake 18salmonbURGER pLATTERserved with hand cut french fries or house salad

the smokey robinson: smoked short rib & sirloin burger, house remoulade, thick cut bacon,cheddar,confit tomato, brioche bun 15smokeythe greenburger: herbed turkey burger,tomatillo,sweet potato,leek shoestrings, english muffin 14greenburgerst. luke: buttermilk battered fried chicken w/new pickles on brioche bun w/rosemary horseradish may OR chipotle mayo 14st. lukedESSERT
banoffee pie: 
toffee, fresh bananas & creme, shaved choc 9
affogato: double chocolate, salted caramel, vietnamese iced coffee ice cream w/shot of espresso 9954726_640935022585365_458505912_nfruit salad w/crème fraiche 6Strawberries-Blueberries-and-Passion-Fruit-Salad-1024x767DRINKS

blue print organic unpasteurized juices 9.99-11.99
harmless harvest organic coconut water 4.99
elderflower presse 4.99
sparkling water 2.50
assorted soda 1.50 & up
better being


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