Crazy Delicious

Yesterday was a little slow I won’t pretend otherwise. But sometimes a slow day is just what one needs to get really creative. I set out to make a new salad – the kind I want to eat every day. Its perfect (IMHO) but I’m gonna save it for the new year when you’re all back and ready to start resoluting. And Chef Ingrid, when challenged to make a ‘crazy-delicious’ soup, totally had at it.


This pic doesnt do it justice but we just got hit with two families of six and I gotta hurry now to get the blog up. Its a spicy lentil curried vegetable melange w/coconut milk which makes it dairy free my friends and definitely what I asked for (see subject heading).

Try the soup & Happy New Year Hell’s Kitchen!

Today’s Menu

                                          Potato, Broccoli & Cheddar                                                                                                                                                                           broccoli-cheddar

                 Roasted Butternut Squash  & Apple                                                                                                                                                                               sweet-potato-1


French Lentil Salad w/Grape Tomatoes, Shaved Parmesan, Arugula & Balsamic Vinaigrette    lentil

Chicken & Pear Salad w/Spinach, Endive, Dried Cranberry, Ricotta Salata,  & Cranberry Vinaigrette                                pear

Marinated Kale w/Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Butternut Squash, Walnuts & Shallot Vinaigrette                            kale-salad-2jpg

(includes bag of chips & a Pickle Guys pickle)

The Smokey Robinson: Smoked Short Rib & Sirloin Burger w/Charred Red Onions, Tomato Confit, Bacon, Spicy Onion Remoulade, Vermont Cheddar on Toasted Brioche smokey

The Nuyorican: Sofrito Braised Cage Free Chicken Wrap w/Sweet Plantains, Peppercorn Mayo, & Avocadonuyorican

The St Luke: Buttermilk Battered Cage Free Chicken Breast w/ New Pickles, Brioche Bun w/Choice of Chipotle or Rosemary Horseradish Mayo
st. luke

The Squashbuckler: Roasted Butternut Squash, Manchego, Pickled Red Onion,  Sautéed Kale on Pressed Country Sourdoughsquashbuckler

The Fu Man Chew: Korean BBQFree Range Chicken, Homemade Kimchi, &  Sriracha Mayo  on Whole Wheat Ciabattafu-man-chew

The Tofu Manchew: Korean BBQFried Tofu, Homemade Kimchi & Sriracha Mayo on Whole Wheat Cibatta     get-attachment-1

The Jive Turkey: Roasted Turkey, Sage Cornbread Stuffing, Cranberry Jalapeno Sauce, Butternut Squash                   jive-turkey

The Charro: Seared Flank Steak w/Caramelized Onions & Homemade Chimmichurri on Rosemary Focaccia                charro

The Eporch: 12 Hr Braised Pulled Pork, House BBQ Sauce, Red Onion Jalepeno Relish,  Sweet Brioche Bun                 eporch

                           Sweets & Treats                                                                                                                                                                                

Red Velvet Barsred-velvet-3

Up with one minute to spare!